Connect with Christine Khor:

With over 15 years of experience risk-taking, innovation and dizzying wins in product and marketing management for leading companies such as Kraft Foods and Simplot, Christine Khor has decided to start her own specialist recruitment consultancy in 2000 with the simple aim of recruiting people for sales, marketing and communications. This simple idea had given birth to Chorus Executive, a holistic talent management company providing recruitment, coaching and personal branding to sales, marketing and communications space.

This self-proclaimed change junkie, journeyed to Uganda in 2012 with the The Hunger Project- a non profit organisation that works to eradicate world hunger. She has also become the Chair of the The Hunger Project’s Victorian Development Board. She has also ventured to the Antarctica and the Amazon as part of the The Unstoppables – an innovation think-tank of entrepreneurs. Christine has also travelled to Necker Island to join Richard Branson and a number of other prominent business leaders to discuss leadership, business and innovation.

She was named a finalist in Telstra Women’s Business Awards in 2015.

She is a passionate speaker on career building, leadership, gender equality, work/life balance, small business start-ups and fulfilling your dreams. Christine has recently founded a new company called Peeplmatch. Peeplmatch is an online platform that matches talented people to great companies on a deeper level than just skills and experience,. The company also takes into consideration a person’s values, goals and motivations.

In 2016, Christine published her first book, Hire Love: How to hire passionate people to make more profit, which gives readers an inside look at the unique recruitment methodology used by Chorus Executive.