Connect with Laurel Grey:

Laurel Grey is incredibly passionate about helping business owners harness the power of the cloud. With so many incredible technology solutions available in a constantly changing environment, it’s no wonder business owners feel frustrated when choosing what will work best for their specific business. Get Digital Flow helps to demystify the variety and implement cloud technology solutions so that business owners can focus on what they love to do.

In addition to being incredibly geeky, Laurel loves photography, hiking and yoga outdoors and living on the water in Manly, especially after a childhood growing up in the middle of a retired Christmas tree farm in one of the snowiest areas of upstate New York. She has spent the last decade living in Denmark, Thailand and Singapore before settling in Australia in early 2013. Despite the geek factor, she didn’t always know she wanted to work in cloud technology, and has had a varied career prior to Get Digital Flow, including but not limited to, copywriter for a branding agency, mathematics teacher, educational trainer for Asia’s leading motivational speaker and home organiser running workshops for Howards Storage World.

Her weird and wacky travels and work experiences have contributed to her belief that being organised is 90% of the hard work in life – the better sorted you get with your technology early on, the more freedom you’ll have to expand your business in the future. She particularly enjoys seeing business owners transform their entire businesses with just a few small technology tweaks.

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