Connect with Sebastian Terry:

He is famous for a list of 100 Things he wants to achieve before he dies. Despite that, Sebastian Terry’s story is not about a bucket list. It’s about something far-reaching: permission, choice, growth, and connection. After the death of a close friend, Sebastian asked himself a simple question: ‘Am I happy?’ The answer was no. He decided it was time to write down a list of 100 things he always wanted to achieve.

Armed with nothing but a list, Sebastian followed his heart. As a result, his story grew from a tale of adventure into a global philanthropic movement. It engages a growing tribe of thousands, not just to set meaningful goals, but to achieve them as well. All whilst helping others do the same. “I initially thought it would take me 100 Things to reach a state of fulfilment. It’s taken me 72 things to realise that ‘ticks’ are just the beginning. The key to growth and happiness is finding out who you are on a primal level. Then try to be that person every day.”

Sebastian managed to turn his list into a best-selling book. Not only that, it also became a Discovery Channel documentary. Most recently, it became the basis for a US-based reality show. All this inspires people to gain perspective, think big, and be the best they can be. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and inspire motivation. The 100 Things keynote presentation is like no other. Help re-engage, connect, and inspire your organisation to move forward as one. What’s on your list?

Sebastian is happy to offer his book, “100 Things,” at a discounted rate of $25(+10 postage and handling) to anyone from the BB tribe. Just send an email to [email protected] and please mention BRiN.