Nicole Wales is the founder and managing director of Human Tribe. Human Tribe are a team of Human Performance Specialists, who partner with people and business to reach their highest potential and purpose. They help support businesses and the people within those businesses via their coaching programs, measurement tools, and alignment services.

Nicole has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. She is also a certified professional member of the Australian HR Institute and a certified member of the HR Coach Network the largest HR Coaching Network within Australia.

Nicole believes that the best businesses look for the win / win and that profit does not need to come at the cost of your people. She loves nothing more than helping businesses achieve their vision all while providing your people a great place to work.

Some of the brands that Human Tribe has worked with to date include, Harris Farm Markets, Business Chicks, Reserve Bank of Australia, Cadwell Construction, Fitness First, Hoyts, W Short Hotel Group and Micway transport.

Prior to Human Tribe, Nicole owned and operated three fitness centres in Sydney Australia, employing over 100 people at any one time. Before going into business for herself, Nicole worked in Human Resources and Learning and Development across the hospitality, retail, banking and television industries.

By nights and weekends Nicole is a wife and Mum to three beautiful children who happily describes her life as ‘crazy beautiful’.

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