We have just released the new show, Quick Tips by Wishpond, to the Bizversity App.

To learn more about this show, watch the show trailer:

Do you want to generate new leads? Are you looking for ways to nurture your customer relationships? Maybe you’re after new ideas for your social media marketing plans?

Whether you’re a startup or a large company, learning how to maximise the use of your social media pages helps you boost your online presence and convert leads into customers. Watch Quick Tips by Wishpound to get the online marketing education you need to grow your business online. Hosted by Bree Nakatani, this show presents fresh and simple tips that make it easier for marketers to promote a product or business online, optimise post sign up pages, build website pop-ups, and so much more! So join Bree and start improving your marketing skills by tuning in to Quick Tips by Wishpond.